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Vaga de Intercãmbio AIESEC

Interessado em ter uma "Life changing experience" ?

Quer fazer a diferença nessas férias da UnB?

Tem fluência em Inglês e Espanhol?

Deseja se desenvolver?

A AIESEC é uma organização Internacional que busca promover tudo isso!

Interessados na vaga abaixo, enviar email para:


Internship Description

Internship Title International Cooperation

Field of Work Development Studies

Working Hours From 9:0 To 16:0

With a total of 34 hours per week

Saturday work: Alternate

Payment Salary in U.S. $0

Department in which the Intern will be working: International Relations

Job/Task Description 1 Search about the evolution of international cooperation in Argentina

Job/Task Description 2 Identify the main resources of international founds for NGO´s in Argentina

Job/Task Description 3 Think about how to Get Money Out of Donor Organizations and design some strategies to achieve this goal

Job/Task Description 4 Achieve long term alliances with foreign organizations.

Job/Task Description 5 Elaborate a final resport describing the stage the negotiations are and the explaining the situation of the different relationships.

Details of the working details

Personal Workspace provided

Internet Access provided

Other Conditions:Lunch and home provided.

Measurable results expected from the intern: At least one successful negotiaton.

Key learning points that the intern might obtain during the internship: Horses, disbility, stategic alliances management, NGO management, international cooperation.

Preparation required from the intern before arrival: Experience in International found management.

Organisational Preferences
Internship Earliest Start Date 01.02.2011 (Preferred)
Internship Latest End Date 01.06.2011 (Preferred) - Datas são negociáveis

Minimum Duration 15 Weeks (Preferred)

Maximum Duration 17 Weeks (Preferred)

Degree Bachelor (Preferred)


Business administration International Management (Preferred)

Project Management (Preferred)

Economics Monetary Economics + Public Finance (Preferred)

Finance Financial Planning + Budgeting (Required)

Marketing International Marketing (Required)

Development studies Advanced Development Studies (Required)


Computer Internet Users skills (Required)

PC user skills (Required)

Professional Skills Marketing / Selling skills (Required)

Leadership skills (Required)

Organisational Management (Required)

Financial Management skills (Required)

Training/ Facilitating skills (Required)

Presentation skills (Required)

Project Management (Required)

Languages Excellent English (Required) , Portuguese (Required), Spanish (Required)

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