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16th AMUN – Selection Process for Assistant-Directors

The Americas Model United Nations (AMUN) is the first and most traditional Brazilian Model United Nations initiative, an international conference organized by the student body of the University of Brasilia (UnB). It has now reached its sixteenth edition and is now looking for bright young minds to continue improving the project’s standards in academic and administrative positions.
The 16th AMUN thematic conception works under the motto Enhancing institutions to pursue equality, a call for understanding the need of improving society’s bases so as to provide individuals with the opportunities they need to fulfill their own aspirations. It is under these auspices that students from all over the country and abroad will gather in Brasilia from July 29th to August 02nd, 2013, in order to discuss and reach agreements on important topics of the international agenda while impersonating diplomats, heads of state and government, judges and other official representatives.
AMUN staff members will live the experience of bringing an already prestigious initiative to life once more through the production of academic material and the provision of all necessary managerial bases for the success of the event. Academic staff members will have the opportunity of engaging in deep research of a theme and writing several pieces of intellectual work on it, including an article to be published and registered under the internationally recognized ISBN system. Administrative members will be in intense contact with the practical means of organizing the conference, such as marketing, logistics, finances and event-planning. The abilities developed during work in AMUN are sure to count a lot for your professional development in university, so make sure you do not waste this chance of adding your name to AMUN’s history and adding AMUN’s name to yours!
This selection process will be open from November 21st to November 28th (up until 23h59min). Applicants should send CV and motivational letter to within this deadline and expect further communication from the staff. More information on the rules of this selection process can be found in the following documents:

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